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Dupont, WA 98327|MLS #1982951
2697 Bronson Ave, Dupont
2 Bedrooms + 2 Baths|$361,000|1,021 Sq Ft
Picture yourself coming home after a long day to relax. Hang up your keys and kick off your shoes. Its time to enjoy the comfort of this home's plush carpeting and the warmth ambiance of a fireplace.
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Make the best meals at home

With its white cabinetry and light-colored counters, this welcoming space will make it easy to cook up a meal for family or guests. And with natural light flooding in from large windows, this kitchen will feel like home from the very first day.
sitting room with carpet and natural light

Relaxing and luxurious

With large windows and an elegant vanity, this primary bedroom will be a source a relaxation and the best place to start and end a brand new day.
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Soothing design

When it comes to family, friends and guests, this secondary bedroom and bathroom will comfortably accommodate your most favorite people. Sleek and modern design elements will make it effortless to feel the luxury as you dream the night away.
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